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Your Personal Boat Shopper

Introduction to Personal Boat Shopper

Personal Boat Shopper is an exclusive feature that you can use to automatically search for a boat.

Here is how:

When you search for a boat on YachtWorld and read the results of your search, you can opt for inclusion in the Personal Boat Shopper (PBS). You do this by pressing Notify me when more boats like this are available near the top of the screen. Your PBS automatically searches our database of more than 60,000 listed vessels, and notifies you when a new match is found.

With more than 400 listings added daily, it's easier for you to depend on your PBS to regularly search for you, than for you to keep returning to our site yourself.

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You can view the boats we found, that were listed in your last Personal Boat Shopper e-mail message.

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Sent Weekly

We send Personal Boat Shopper messages by e-mail weekly, so we keep you up to date in your search for a boat. We send a PBS message even if no matches were found, to let you know that your PBS is still working for you. You may also see that you need to broaden your search, or redo it, if you read a typo in your search criteria.

Employ Multiples

You can fashion as many different searches as you want, opt for PBS at the end of the search process, then use this page to check each search whenever you want. Note that when you employ multiple searches, you receive only one e-mail message weekly.

Discontinuing Personal Boat Shopper

Because we send Personal Boat Shopper messages automatically, we include text in each e-mail message we send telling you how to discontinue receiving results from your Personal Boat Shopper. Please follow those instructions to discontinue this service.

Your Privacy

When you opt into the Personal Boat Shopper, we store a copy of your e-mail address on a server that is not accessible to the Internet, so your e-mail address is not compromised.

For more details about our privacy policy, please read our privacy statement accessible from the bottom of this page.