2007 Morris 45

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The Morris 45 hull design is aimed at all out speed under IMS or PHRF rules. There are no bumps or hollows aimed at rating reduction, just a beautifully fair shape with flattish buttocks and what designers used to call "long legs" with a long waterline and sharp entry angle. The extremely lightweight construction which is currently required for first place grand prix finishes is avoided, since this flimsy type of yacht has at most a two year useful life. FIREFLY is very strongly built, and will still be racing in thirty years? time and at the same time providing her owner with the pleasure of a luxurious cruising home. The keel is a massively bulbed racing/cruising compromise, with its upper half of welded stainless steel and its lower half of lead. The hollow stainless upper half is present so that the yacht has an effective sump to contain bilge water, while stability with the huge bulb is very powerful, eliminating the need to keep a crew of ten on the rail when sailing to windward. The interior is both beautiful to the eye and practical for use at sea. There is a pleasant abundance of beautifully finished varnished butternut. Cabin soles are of teak and butternut, while fiddles, cushion retainers, and many of the interior surfaces are solid butternut, avoiding entirely the "stripped out" look of many contemporary racers. Berths are provided for eight to sleep on comfortable, 4" or thicker cushions. The galley is very large and has an unusual amount of usable countertop, a gourmet chef's delight. The interior surfaces of the hull- often simply painted in racing yachts to save weight, are lined with a solid butternut ceiling. The entire interior of this yacht exudes luxury, yet she is exceedingly fast as well- a testimonial to the skill of those who built her.
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